Frequently Asked Questions

A couple of readers recently enquired as to what are the questions most freqently asked of NEXUS. It inspired me to fill this editorial with our responses.

#1. The most commonly-asked question sounds something like: "If what you publish is true, why haven't you been closed down?" The answers that spring to mind are: (a) Somebody 'up there' likes us; (b) Nobody 'up there' gives a damn; (c) We are too big to close down without attracting yet more attention; (d) We are too small to worry about; (e) Maybe we are accidentally following some secret sociomanipulative agenda of somebody's; or (f) 'They' have never heard of NEXUS.

#2. The second most frequently-asked question is similar: "Do you ever get any threats?" The answer is definitely no. We have been indirectly warned off publishing too much on the drug trade involvement of the global intelligence community, and about who owns most of Australia, but that's about it.

#3. "Who is 'behind' NEXUS?" The answer to that is easy-it's God! On a more mundane level, though, Catherine and I own NEXUS-no organisation, no committees, no other shareholders, no political leanings or affiliations and no religious leanings or affiliations. It is a business that we believe in!

#4. "Where do you get all your information?" We get it from ever-growing numbers of NEXUS readers around the world. We also tap into the global computer networks, or Internet, as well as subscribe to dozens of journals, magazines and newsletters.

#5. "Will you ever run out of stories?" This one really tickles me. I estimate conservatively that we have two years' worth of stories just in our 'hot' trays, let alone what is in our filing cabinets. To handle the overload we are setting up a Web page on the Internet, and (eventually) publishing some special 'one-offs' on various subjects such as prophecies, science, UFOs, successful cancer treatments, etc.

#6. "What are the aims or goals of NEXUS?" Our aim is to present hard-to-get, ignored and suppressed information on the subjects of health, science, the unexplained, world events and history. Our goal is the day when all people of all races and colours can live together in total trust and respect, on a planet that is clean, abundant and healthy.

#7. "How secure is your mailing list of subscribers?" I think it is as secure as anything can be these days. For what it is worth, we do not rent or sell our list of subscribers, either.

#8. "When are you going to publish monthly?" I would like to know the answer to that one, too!

#9. "How long have you been doing NEXUS, and when did it start?" NEXUS was first published in the Autumn of 1987 as a quarterly magazine dealing with alternative issues. When we took over the business in October 1990, we changed it to a bi-monthly, changed most of the content material, and moved out of Sydney to the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Happy reading!

Duncan Roads

(Editorial from NEXUS MAGAZINE -Volume 2, #27 August-September 1995)